Is There a Formula for a Successful Film? Yes!

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Show biz industry is the most ideal example of mix of both Art and Finance! Art taking it’s own pathway, moulded by creativity of various individuals leading to a successful Number Game.

Are films all bout the box office collections and not the content? Well, rightly not so!

But how does an Individual take liberty in it’s art if there is no Finance guaranteed at the end of the day? Will producers be ready to consider your script if there is no guaranteed return? What makes a film a High Number game?

These are the most frequently heard questions that one as a creative head would come across. But is there any definite solution to it? Well,other than the cast,the script and the makers behind the lens, we at Student Filmer provide you a theory which we have worked on! It is the theory of Blood,Sweat,Sperm and Tears.

So what is it?

Most of the movies are a combination of these 5! Blood (represented by Life and Love),  Sperm (represented by Lust and Sex) , Sweat (represented by Power,Control Effort) and Tears represent Loss.

One of the highest grossing Tamil flicks like Theri and Vedhalam, both driven by Blood symbolised by revenge,channelized into seeking revenge through some tears and sweat.  The audience largely being able to relate to emotions expressed through power seeking and mere loss, most of the films have happened to take into account this Geometric shape for success.

But is it all?

We have also noticed that many films like Neram which showed the character’s efforts to get over his monetary struggle through sheer determination to survive.. This movie works on a linear geometric structure which is all about Sweat!

5th Dimension : Urine

Yes, you read it right. We are also talking about Urine- the one which symbolises LIberation. The Shawshank Redemption – the legendary classic follows the inverted geometric structure. Trying to fly off the cage meaning Liberation, the film is been told through Sperm and Tears.

The fifth dimension adds a tad-bit of craze and madness to the cinema providing a divergent approach from the audience.

This video would make more sense of what  I am trying to explain (Please use headphones)

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